PATH’s New Video: Firefly

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Seattle based organization, PATH, released a video today that reasserts its dedication to providing solutions to the world’s biggest health problems and “putting health within reach.” PATH is working with Global Partnerships and Pro Mujer to provide a financially sustainable health program  in Nicaragua, with the goal of creating a model that can be replicated elsewhere.


PATH is a 2008 and 2009 Seattle International Foundation grantee.

World Vision Recieves InterAction Award

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World Vision Hounduras has received an award from InterAction, through their Best Practices & Innovations (BPI) Initiative.

World Vision Honduras

Food security through World Vision Honduras

Through funding from USAID, World Vision’s Food Security and Risk Reduction Program for Western Honduras (2004-2009) aimed to reduce household insecurity by improving health and nutrition and increasing access to food. Approximately 157,000 Hondurans throughout 128 communities were served.

This was achieved through two integrated components:

1. Road to Health (CASA):  Focused on improving the nutritional status of women and children, as well as increasing access to health services and water; and

2. More Food and Agro-ecological Businesses (MANA):  Focused on agricultural production, natural resources management, as well as strengthening civil society and encouraging community participation. Read the rest of this entry »

Investing in Youth Leadership in Central America

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By Efrain Gutierrez, MPA Student at the Evans School of Public Affairs, University of Washington

Youth leaders from Global Visionaries Guatemala

Youth leaders from Global Visionaries Guatemala

On behalf of the Seattle International Foundation, I recently traveled to Guatemala and El Salvador as part of the foundation’s research efforts in poverty alleviation in Central America. The project called “Measuring Youth Leadership Development in Central America” was designed with an innovative participatory approach that puts program participants and local nonprofits at the center of the research, treating them like partners and respecting their experience and knowledge.

I met with local nonprofits working with vulnerable groups such as at risk youth, young women and indigenous communities to better understand how different programs affect the life of the people of Central America in different ways. Some of the organizations participating in the project are:

ASHOKA Avancemos


the Central American Women’s Fund




Global Visionaries Guatemala


FUPEC,Grupo Ceiba

, the

Universidad del Valle de Guatemala


the United Nations Development Program


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Welcome to the Central America Blog
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By Bill Clapp, Founder & President , Seattle International Foundation
Bill and Paula Clapp

The Seattle International Foundation (SIF) was founded as a supporting organization to The Seattle Foundation for the purpose of increasing and enhancing international philanthropy and development efforts from the Pacific Northwest and to serve as a resource to our community.  The Foundation is also strategically focused on development efforts in Central America, particularly investing in leadership and capacity building in the region.We are also very pleased to present the findings of a new study regarding challenges facing the region in: education, health, environmental justice, and gender equality. These have been identified as priority areas for engagement through the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals.  This study was completed by one of the Seattle International Foundation’s grantees, the University of Washington Center for Human Rights.  Click the following link to download this white paper entitled: Development in Central America Today, University of Washington Center for Human Rights. Thank you for visiting our Central America blog and we look forward to growing this network and increasing opportunities for collaboration in the region.

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Este blog fue creado para apoyar a la Red Centroamericana y animar al diálogo alrededor de investigaciones relevantes, noticias y esfuerzos de alivio a la pobreza en la región.
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